User Responsibilities

Computers need constant maintenance in order to continue working to the best of their ability and to prevent sudden crashes. While the use of Anti-virus, Mozilla Firefox, an online email is recommended it still cannot protect you from viruses or any other unexpected issues that do happen with your computer. It is important that you always budget for the maintenance of your computer which can be up to $628 a year for a home computer and up to $963 for business computers

Computer ā€˜nā€™ Phone Repair Tugun ensures its best effort to extend the lifetime of your product, however you are responsible for how your computer is used.

It is up to you to back up your own data on a regular basis to prevent loss of important files. We endeavourer to save any data we can however as many viruses hide inside files and unforeseeable issues may occur we cannot be held responsible for the loss of your data. Please ensure you have previously backed up any data on USB, online etc.

If connection to the internet requires drivers as in the case of USB modems you may have to refer to the ISP if it no longer works, we do endeavor to repair these issues but in some cases it is not something we are able to do and you will have to speak to your provider. We recommend the use of hotspots or wireless modems instead of USB internet sticks whenever possible to help reduce virus infections

We highly recommend the use of an online client to access your email account such as hotmail, g-mail, yahoo etc. The use of programs like outlook increases the chance of viruses by 99%. In the case of a renewal we can install the previous email client ready for use but if you require old emails and folders we will charge an hourly fee. These emails are still accessible to you online and if you require training on the use of online email we can refer you to a tutor.

Your anti virus will be removed and replaced or reinstalled if you have one. Please understand the use of an anti-virus only protects you from viruses it can see. No anti-virus will protect you 100%

Printer / Scanner etc.
In most cases when computers are updated or renewed they no longer have the printer or scanner drivers. If you have the disc you can easily reinstall the driver at home whilst your printer is connected. If you have an issue with doing this we offer one free 15 minute service where we remotely install the driver on your computer.

Not all programs look or work the same as they have been upgraded. We will not install any cracked or illegal software as it can damage the operating system. If you decide to use such software it is your responsibility if any damage is done to your computer. Paid training is available if you do not want to self-educate in the use of new or updated programs.

External Devices
Any USB, memory card, hard drive or other external device must be scanned before connecting to your computer as to prevent new viruses. We are able to see if you have inserted an infected USB and you will be liable for the cost to re-fix your computer.

Internet Explorer/ Web Browsers
We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox to help in protection against viruses. This will be installed in replace of Internet Explorer.