How to use Anti-Virus

How to use your Anti-Virus

As stated in previous articles Anti-Virus cannot 100% protect you and you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to have it. HOWEVER, it is recommended that you use an anti-virus to help prevent virus infections.
The difference between a paid anti-virus and a free anti-virus depends on the one you use but today we will talk about two that we use and recommend for our customers.
Kaspersky Pure – $40 for one year install and set up yourself OR $55 installed and setup.
Ideal for people using and sharing USBs a lot, Kaspersky will automatically ask you if you’d like to scan a USB when it is inserted into your computer whilst others do have the option you must do so manually.
To start a scan with Kaspersky first you should update, this gathers any new information about current or new viruses so that the software can better detect the viruses.


Once the update is complete go to scan, and click vulnerability scan


Once the scan is complete do a full scan, this will take a long time and it’s best to restart after this.


Avast – The free Anti-virus $55 with full system scan (or install yourself)

The main difference between free and bought anti-virus is the convenience factor. We use Avast on a regular basis and often install it on renewals however some people prefer to use Kaspersky as Avast will occasionally ask you to upgrade to a paid version.


Avast will not automatically ask you to scan a USB when inserted but if you go into My Computer and right click on your USB (or external device) and click scan with Avast it will check for viruses.

You may want to also update Avast more regularly as it is only basic software.
Avast does however the option of a boot-time scan, this will scan your computer next time it turns on allowing for a more thorough scan.