Five Facts You Need To Know About Anti-Viruses

2.It doesn’t matter how much you spend on Anti-Virus so stop wasting your money.
3. You should not have more than one Anti-Virus installed on your computer, it will damage your computer.
4. You cannot expect Anti-Virus to do the work for you it is up to you to learn how to use it.
5. Some Anti-Virus can make your computer slower.

A lot of people think buying Anti-Virus protects them from ever getting any viruses, malware, worms or ransome-ware. (Don’t know the difference? You need to! Read this post to find out more) We’re here to tell you the hard truth, it does not.

We do recommend the use of an Anti-Virus because they do help to prevent viruses however, you must learn how to use it properly and what it can and cannot do.

Tips !
Scan your computer once a week after use, let it run uninterrupted.
Run a Boot Scan, this runs before your computer turns on again and will scan more thoroughly.
Never ever use install or use to Anti-Virus at one time, this will damage your operating system.
Always scan USBs when plugged into your computer viruses can be transferred this way.
Check your Anti-Virus settings make sure it scans your whole computer and not just one part.
Do regular updates on your Anti-Virus, this helps it prevent new viruses.
Don’t click on unknown adverts or suspicious websites
Don’t install unknown or illegal programs they will contain viruses
Don’t use torrents or download movies or music they will contain viruses.

Most computer users have experienced a virus, worm, malware or ransom-ware problem in the past and chances are they didn’t handle the situation properly.
If and when your computer is infected you must ensure that it is removed properly and no infection remains. Otherwise your computer and all your personal information could be at risk.

It is also recommended that you renew your computer at least once a year to clear out temp files, fasten your computer and clean up your whole system preventing infections from progressing throughout the system. It’s almost like starting new with your computer every year. (Check out our article on maintaining a computer and the cost you are never told)