It’s Not A Virus, It’s WORSE

Has the AFP ( Australian Federal Police) locked you out of your computer for doing illegal things that you have not done?
Are they demanding you pay a fine and blocking your use to your computer?
We know how awkward and stressful this type of ransomeware can be and we can remove it completely off your computer.

What is Ransomeware?
You can read the full definition here.
But basically Ransomeware is like a virus or worm that hijacks your computer using scare tactics to scam you into spending money to get rid of the ransomware. They can be very scare and believable but they are not.
We get a lot of customers who pay the “fine” and still aren’t able to access their computer and often end up having to pay 3 times the amount they would of if they had come to us first. Once they make payment there credit card details can be stolen and charged until they’re out of funds.

Don’t get scammed come into our shop and let us take care of the issue for you.