Is it broken? We can fix it !

These days we often have 3 or more devices that we use on a daily basis. Whether it's a computer, tablet or smart phone we are almost dependent on them to complete daily tasks and often feel lost without them. At Computer 'N' Phone Repair Tugun we know just how frustrating it can be when something goes wrong with your device and we were sick of long delays on repairs and outrageous prices.


Accidentally downloaded a virus or mall-ware? Are you being told that you have to pay money to use your computer? These scams and viruses can be scary but we can get rid of them completely! Looking for an upgrade from XP or Vista or even want to change from windows 8 to 7? We can do it!

Smashed Screens

Dropped your Apple or Samsung phone, iPad or tablet and can't see your screen? We can make it look brand new again and even replace your battery. Got an iPhone 4? We can even change the colour for you ! Keys falling off your keyboard? Or did you laptop screen break? We can replacement as good as new!

Tips & Advice

Computers need constant maintenance in order to continue working to the best of their ability and to prevent sudden crashes. While the use of Anti-virus,...
Has the AFP ( Australian Federal Police) locked you out of your computer for doing illegal things that you have not done? Are they demanding you pay a...